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Future strategies in engineering quality with Randyl Tabajonda (Part 2)

In part 2 of this series around ‘Future Strategies in Engineering Quality’ in partnership with a1qa, Randyl Tabajonda (Senior Manager – Second Line of Defence – IT, Audit Centre of Excellence at KPMG), looks at what role regression and automated testing can have when implementing new technology.

According to Randyl, the aim of regression testing is to test that all the codes can be impacted as a result of recent changes to ensure that there are no new bugs that are introduced during testing. In the digital transformation sphere, they combine regression testing with automated testing which is why they call it automated regression testing. When organisations aim to meet customer needs, there are a lot of inner changes that must be made. The regression testing needs to be done in such a way that enables you to hunt for anything that changes, but companies need to also be more efficient by automating it which is why automation and regression testing go hand in hand.

Randyl then goes on to explain whether we can train our employees to embed a culture of Quality Assurance (QA).  According to Randyl, the answer is yes, that it depends on the digital mindset of the QA testers. It all comes down to ensuring that they are accepting in terms of the changes within the company. If starting with automation, it is recommended that organisations train the employee by starting with test cases. It is vital that there is a leadership mindset in QA, but also making sure that leaders are more efficient in terms of testing these changes for not them to not only meet customer needs but also ensure that there are proper controls from planning until the company is able to deliver those changes to the customers.

The conversation then moves on to what three aspects of digital transformation Randyl believes QA professionals should be heavily involved in and at what stage.

  • Strategic – Organisations need to get QA involved as early as they are determining the strategy.
  • Tactical – To determine the customer needs, QA needs to be involved as early as design thinking.
  • Operational – It is vital for them to get involved with agile transformation

If you are an average company, your focus is on more efficiency and cost-cutting. But if you are a growing company, then your priority needs to be innovation and growth.

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