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The Annapurna team is perfectly balanced to provide a personal and tailored service.

Meet our team at Annapurna
Meet our team at Annapurna
Meet our team at Annapurna
Meet our team at Annapurna

The faces of success

  • Andy Herbert
    Andrew Herbert

    Credit Controller

  • Becky Finnegan
    Becky Finnegan

    Associate Director @ ERUPT

  • Chadni Sultana
    Chadni Sultana

    Finance & Contracts Coordinator

  • Charley Lucas

    Billing Manager @ Interim

  • Courtney Moir
    Courtney Moir

    Principal Consultant @ ERUPT Customer Success

  • Daniel Smith

    Head of Marketing

  • Florian Felsenreich
    Florian Felsenreich

    Associate Director @ ERUPT

  • Frederik Schlobach

    Talent Partner @ ERUPT Customer Success

  • Gilles Ndonfak
    Gilles Ndonfak

    Talent Lead @ ERUPT Customer Success

  • Hope Milne
    Hope Milne

    Practice Lead @ HR

  • Jake Hodgins
    Jake Hodgins

    Manager @ ERUPT

  • James Ballard
    James Ballard
    James Ballard

    Director & Co-Founder

  • James Culff
    James Culff

    Consultant @ Interim

  • Jessica Driver

    Practice Lead @ HR

  • Joe Nabarro
    Joseph Nabarro

    Associate Director @ Interim

  • Josh Emptage
    Joshua Emptage


  • Joy Oniah
    Joy Oniah

    Principal Consultant @ ERUPT

  • Kane Parris
    Kane Parris

    Financial Controller

  • Laurence Green

    Practice Lead, DACH @ GTM

  • Lawrence Davis
    Lawrence Davis

    Consultant @ Interim

  • Luca Vega
    Luca Vega

    Principal Consultant @ Interim

  • Luke Cox

    Practice Lead @ ERUPT

  • Luke Leonce
    Luke Leonce

    Senior Manager @ HR

  • Magnus Okuonghae
    Magnus Okuonghae

    Manager @ Interim

  • Nigel Fox
    Nigel Fox
    Nigel Fox

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Ollie Rayner
    Ollie Rayner

    Practice Lead @ HR

  • Robyn Hunt-Williams
    Robyn Hunt-Williams

    Practice Lead @ HR

  • Scott Hastings
    Scott Hastings

    Practice Lead @ Interim

  • Siri Leitzgen
    Siri Leitzgen

    Consultant @ Interim

  • Tom Walsh
    Tom Walsh

    Manager @ ERUPT

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