2nd November 2023 @ 9am-1pm GMT

ERUPT: Excellence in Leadership

Stay tuned for more information about our exclusive 2023 virtual conference, focusing on Excellence in Leadership within the People, Technology & Transformation spaces worldwide.

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ERUPT: Excellence in Leadership is the 6th edition of our flagship conference, focusing on the people and technology journey of some of the most exciting start-ups, growing scale-ups and fascinating multinational organisations across industry.

The world of work is continuing to evolve in a way that is challenging the way that organisations are looking to operate. Within the last 18 months, we’ve seen inflated wages, mass market movement and mass redundancies. If the only certainty is the uncertainty that organisations face, then how can we embrace change throughout our teams?

Is the only certainty that outstanding leadership can be the differentiator? Will the employee experience become as personalised as the customer experience? How important does learning become as part of the employer brand? Has the balance between remote and office working changed the way we look at culture? Where will the role of digital have the most impact?

ERUPT will case study the challenges and opportunities that organisations are facing as they look to evolve. The sessions will consist of some of the brightest leaders from some of the most exciting organisations across the world.

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Our Hosts

Our Previous Speakers

A selection of some of our speakers who’ve graced the stage over the past few years.

The full agenda will be released in due course, along with our expert speakers.

Some of the sessions which are likely to feature this year include:

  • Your Next (A)Intelligent Hire: Technology or People
  • How to Thrive in Times of Uncertainty
  • For The Founders: What Leadership Team and Styles are Needed for Different Business Cycles?
  • The Old & New People Strategies Collide: Recruiting, Learning and Mobility
  • Productivity & Output Vs. Work-Life Balance
  • Beyond Diversity: The Next Steps to Embracing Inclusion and Equity
  • Leadership Impact During Organisational Transformations and Leading with Purpose
  • Surviving or Thriving: The Curiosity Muscle
  • We Can’t Do Diversity Right Now, Because We’re Under Much Pressure
  • The Long Goodbye: Is “Quiet Quitting” Unavoidable?
  • Building a Thriving Culture Whilst Scaling
  • Ellevate: Tackling Disparity and Inequality

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