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ERUPT is the evolution of our passion to deliver industry knowledge for sustainable growth, using our brand presence, which allows us to be the first to market.

To help you scale rapidly or pivot your business model through a large-scale transformation, we will work with you to create career opportunities and ways of working to propel your business to the next level.

Data Services





Companies do not exist in a vacuum. It is important to be up to date with market trends and other businesses. How else would you know if your benefits are competitive.


Attracting top talent and long-term staff retention only work with competitive salaries and packages. Having up-to-date data helps make the right decisions.


Having Recruitment KPIs is fundamental. Being able to analyse them and create meaningful action points is key to a great recruitment strategy.


Is one of your competitors going for another investment round? Do you want to understand the funding structure of relevant markets? The ERUPT team has a broad network in the VC world and can collect relevant data.

Learning & Development





First impressions count, so why not create a whole process of amazing first impressions. We help you develop a candidate journey that will engage and create the best experience from day 1.


ERUPT covers all recruitment specific training needs including:
– Unconscious bias training
– GDPR training
– Labor law, etc


Engage us to find out why competitors cannot believe our approach.


Create the best candidate experience by upskilling all parties involved in the interview process, from hiring managers to internal recruiters.

Research & Strategy





We want to find out your current status quo (from data and interviews) and then present & recommend the next steps.


4 steps that lead to a great TA strategy: Needs Analysis; Process Strategy; Operating Model Design; KPI setting.
ERUPT will create a tailored strategy for your business to generate the desired outcomes and help you monitor and steer it throughout the year.


ERUPT also offer further strategy services including: Talent Matrix Creation; Diversity Strategy; Tooling, Analysis and Reporting; Staff Engagement and Retention.

Employer Branding & Employee Value Proposition





Who are we? What do candidates think about us when hearing our name? What do our employees think?
It’s crucial to align on the status quo to create a strong strategy.


This is where we get creative. Assessing target markets and demographics. Creating a relevant brand that creates buy-in. Make sure that the values are lived inside-out.


Bringing communities together and creating amazing experiences makes people think about you,  talk about you, and, ultimately, want to work for you.


Our team of marketing experts will deliver the right content strategy to make sure your brand shines the brightest on the market.

Meet our team at Annapurna
Meet our team at Annapurna
Meet our team at Annapurna
Meet our team at Annapurna

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