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Future Strategies in Engineering Quality with Preeti Puppala (part 2)

In part 2 of this series around ‘Future Strategies in Engineering Quality’ in partnership with a1qa, Preeti Puppala (Software Quality Engineering Manager and Solutions Delivery Lead at Clario), identifies what an optimised testing infrastructure looks like. 

According to Preeti, as soon as you have small chunks of code, it’s easier to identify any defects in the early phases than in the late phases. Having quality engineers be part of the development phase at the early stages will save a lot of money and also deliver quality with a much higher quality product. So incorporating testing from the early stages of development is the first tick box. 

The second is creating a precise and valuable test suite. If you have a test suite that is repetitive or does not meet the requirements, then when running the test cases, you would not know what the aim of your test suite is. So having those concise test suites, is essential in every organisation. Therefore, using the right framework, the right tools and the right methodology is essential for optimising testing infrastructure. 

As part of testing strategies, conducting regular intervals is also key because having those peer reviews and having those inspections and walkthroughs is essential in having that optimised infrastructure. At the same time, companies should also have proper use of automation. This is because every industry would want to automate its testing methodology or functional testing. Although automation is good, organisations need to ensure they have the best coding practices within the utilisation of automation because you can’t always automate everything. 

Preeti then moves on to what 3 aspects of digital transformation QA professionals should be involved in. Preeti identifies growth-oriented autonomous digital enterprises that deliver value with competitive differentiation enabled by agility customer-centricity and actionable insights. Organisations need to meet those day in day out changing technology capabilities and also be there for their customers where they are customer-centric. By being customer-centric, focused and flexible, companies will organically be going into the next step of having those actionable insights.

So to be successful, organisations must develop new operating models that enable key technologies which deliver a transcended customer experience, support enterprise DevOps team, apply automation wherever feasible and drive database business outcomes. And finally, safeguard the organisation through adaptive cyber security because cyber security is one of the main points that firms must consider. 

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