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Future strategies in engineering quality with Randyl Tabajonda (Part 1)

We welcome another insightful leader Randyl Tabajonda (Senior Manager – Second Line of Defence – IT, Audit Centre of Excellence at KPMG), into this fascinating series around ‘Future Strategies in Engineering Quality’ in partnership with a1qa.

In part 1 of this series, Randyl discusses what role Quality Assurance (QA) plays as a means for successful digital transformation. According to Randyl, companies need to ensure that they make a comparison of the rules of QA, this is due to the fact that QA is an integral role in terms of the journey within digital transformation and must ensure a high level of value is delivered to its customers. QA should fit for purpose and implementing quality checkpoints along with these journeys issues is the ultimate objective of achieving our business outcomes which comes down to customer satisfaction. Organisations need to ensure that they put themselves in the show of their customer which according to Randyl is what we call ‘Design thinking’.

Randyl then goes on to discuss how you embed QA throughout a digital transformation project. It is important that QA is embedded with a leader mindset within digital transformation. Randyl emphasises the importance of a leader mindset because leaders know exactly where they can place their energy in terms of prioritising a multitude of activities. This leads to the question of, where can we get QA involved? Randyl explains something called ‘Leadership left QA strategy’ which involves getting QA involved as early as the planning phase. QA can lead you in a variety of ways, from business strategy, or it can place you into better tactics and ahead of competitors, or it can be operational meaning to say process efficiency or process effectiveness. In summary, QA should be placed as early as possible.

About a1qa

a1qa is a next-gen software testing provider offering a full range of QA services for 19+ years. The clients of a1qa ― global enterprises, including the Fortune 500 companies ― obtain business and operational benefits while reaching the desired outcomes with professional QA. a1qa has successfully delivered 1,500+ projects across various industries: eHealth, eCommerce, telecom, BFSI, M&E, IT and software development, real estate, utilities, and energy, among others.

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