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Future Strategies in Engineering Quality with Preeti Puppala (part 1)

We welcome another insightful leader Preeti Puppala (Software Quality Engineering Manager and Solutions Delivery Lead at Clario), into this fascinating series around ‘Future Strategies in Engineering Quality’ in partnership with a1qa.

In part 1 of this series, Preeti discusses what quality means to her and how organisations can embed QA through a Digital transformation project. According to Preeti, quality is the best practice. This is because every industry has its own best practices. Delivering customer service and having that excellent customer service brand then becomes their brand. For Preeti, quality implies not only having those regular testing practices but also looking at the data collection and data analytics. This embeds nicely into software testing as it deals with data day in and day out. Quality is evident in every department, however, some companies are more conscious in the technology industry than in other areas.

Preeti then talks about how organisations should embed QA through a digital transformation project. QA plays an integral part in the success of a digital transformation project. Companies need to ensure that data of both the users and the employees are safe and secured. The reason QA plays such an integral role here is that security testing is pivotal and mandatory to establish a safe transformation for both the employees and the customers. QA plays a major stepping stone in every organisation, starting with the ease of usability. You can feel the application’s great user experience which is delivered by QA operations.

The conversation then moves on to whether Preeti believes we can train our employees to embed a culture of QA. According to Preeti, embedding QA into digital transformation is a project in itself. This is because change and transformation are always the heart of the conversation. Whenever there is a change in transformation, it’s business evolution. As organisations continue to build technological capabilities, leadership should be conscious of the principle that digital transformation is equal to business evolution. So to evolve with this future readiness as a business, one must be customer-centric to cater to the unfolding customer needs and also deliver an excellent customer experience.

Technology transformation is not alone with digital transformation, but every organisation is unique, so digital investments need to be perfectly balanced with technology, innovation, operations, customer, people and governance.

Governance is major in transformation because quality comes into the picture with governance, and quality with every hand-off is essential as it is not just the sole responsibility of the quality engineers. It is also the responsibility of the stakeholders, coming through all the operations groups such as business analysts, developers, project managers, and the maintenance teams.

Therefore embedding QA into digital projects is a major transformation and is needed throughout all organisations.

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