What are the 3 things you are measured on in an interview?

You get invited in for an interview and you obviously want to showcase that you have the necessary experience and skills for the job, but how does a hiring manager decide between several candidates who are all similarly qualified?

The following 3 things are the key factors you should try to work on to get through to the next round of interviews and then get a job offer:

1. Enthusiasm

Employers want a candidate with a “can-do” attitude and someone who is a great brand advocate for the company. Make sure you communicate this on every occasion – from your cover letter, to your telephone interview, to your face-to-face interview. Throughout your interview process, you can present your body language in such a way that shows you are motivated and have an interest in the position.

2. Communication Skills

The feature that all employers look for with any position is a strong communicative ability. Your ability to articulate what experiences and abilities you have and how your future employer can benefit from them must be clearly expressed if you want to impress the hiring manager. Keep in mind that an important part of effective communication depends on the way you actually present yourself and your body language.

3. Suitability

You must show that you fit well with the company from a culture fit. This is measured in two ways: your skills & competencies, and your behaviour & personality. Once you have demonstrated that you have the skills required, the hiring manager will want to see that you would fit well into the team. For this reason, do not be afraid to showcase your personality in a way that expresses you in the best light. If you are not yourself in the interview, you probably won’t enjoy the job, if you do get hired, as you have been taken on with the premise of a strong cultural fit.

The next time you prepare for an interview, once you have proven you have the ability to do the job, don’t forget to pay attention to these 3 features.

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