How Video Has Shaped Our Recruitment Agency

At Annapurna, utilising videos everyday has changed our way to recruit and to build long-lasting relationships with candidates, clients, and even industry leaders all over the world.


Have you heard of Hinterview? This is a video platform allowing businesses to hire more efficiently, through a qualitative candidate presentation video, set up by consultants.
In fact, Annapurna were one of the first agencies to implement this world-class video engagement tool. Annapurna is always trying to be innovative and we can achieve this by placing candidates internationally, thanks to video technology. Using Hinterview adds value to our business: we help the best candidates find their dream job and global companies expand with talents via video technology everyday. Effectively, from the client side, a video showcasing candidates’ profiles and skills, alongside their CV, impacts a lot more on hiring managers’ minds than just a classic written CV.

Video interview recruitment improves the average time to hire from 45 to 24 days, taking into consideration that watching multiple 5-minute Hinterviews instead of conducting hours of face-to-face interviews in the office reduces the hiring process. Saving time and money is crucial for hiring managers, but also limiting unconscious bias is one of the biggest concerns companies have to face during the recruiting process.
On the candidate side, having their introduction video being led by a specialist consultant increases their chances of being hired thanks to the multitude of opportunities by a large number of hiring managers throughout the world, anytime.

Also, Hinterview stands as a USP that ensures efficient recruitment.
Our international consultants are experts in their industry and are able to build better relationships with Hinterview, as they get to know candidates through interviews, which are tailored to our clients’ needs. Clients can therefore appreciate the work that the recruiter has done to introduce them the perfect candidate to a position.
Showcasing value is one of our most important goals as we aim to achieve being the ‘World’s Leading Responsible Search Firm’.


The Business Transformation Network, founded by Annapurna in 2012, has taken a huge step in the Business Transformation sector, by releasing People, Technology and Process oriented daily content. Transformation focused insights such as articles or podcasts are considerably changing the way thought leaders can spread their knowledge, and therefore connect with industry peers in the network. But first and foremost, video content such as interviews, webinars, and recorded events enhance the power of sharing information worldwide.

For example, The BTN hosted the Excellence in Leadership Summit in 2018, their first 2-day conference, gathering over 30 speakers, experts in HR and IT leadership worldwide. More than 20 speaker sessions have been recorded and released. It means that the video technology allows not only the 250 attendees, but a wider audience to take part in the conference. Spreading content to a community of over 40,000 members is absolutely key when it highlights trends and issues from professionals’ experiences.

To name a few leaders the BTN collaborates with:
– People industry: Andrew Fox (Ex Group Head of HR Retail Banking & Wealth Management at HSBC) shares his point of view about mental health here
– Tech industry: Jyoti Sharma (Digital Transformation Leader at EY) gives us her insights about ‘How will the experience of leadership adapt with changing technology’ during her talk at EiL Summit 2018 here
– Change industry: Shea Heaver discusses agile employee engagement here

Using video technology in not just the recruitment industry but all industries is an inevitability. At Annapurna, we have seen a huge impact in terms of connecting people, changing the way to recruit when our clients and candidates get showcased as the best of the best.
Video is key to better relationships.

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