‘Tech For Good’ Live Event

Thursday 24th March 11am CET

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Digital technologies are vastly improving and transforming modern businesses, from internal systems to customer interactions, both online and in person. As the pressure for environmental and social responsibility mounts, businesses are realising the potential to utilise technology to do good, safeguard our planet and the people on it.

New advancements in digital technology are now able to address some of our biggest social challenges by utilising more sustainable methodologies and having better stewardship of the planet’s natural resources.

Many companies across the world have already started their drive to implement ideas within their business through the enablement of technology, with many committing to provide a purpose. Business strategies might include reducing disposable fast fashion by allowing democratic access to upcycling, or efficiently connecting care providers with those seeking care such as families and local authorities.

ERUPT’s host for this event, Mark Frost (Chief Evangelist for Annapurna ERUPT) will talk with leaders around the initiatives that their businesses are involved in, regarding Tech For Good. How are they doing it? Why are they doing it? What is the impact it will have on our planet?

Our speakers for this panel include:

Ruth von Heusinger – Founder & Managing Director ForTomorrow

Leitha Matz – Chief People Officer /Co-Founder of FinMarie

Philipp Skribanowitz – CEO | Founder at Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH

This exclusive Linkedin live event will take place on Thursday 24th March at 11am CET.

Questions raised will include the businesses’ current commitments to sustainability and their use of technology to drive the impact on the environment, communities, health, education, mobility and transport.

The event will also focus on the wider discussion, using the power of technology to do social good. We will discover their beliefs on the differences between being a not for profit vs a for-profit organisation and whether their success is dependent on the investors.

We aim to understand whether the tech for good stance of an organisation makes obtaining funding an easier and more desirable offering to prospective venture capitalists.

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