International Women’s Day

At Annapurna, we proudly support inclusivity and equality every day, but today especially we’re celebrating International Women’s Day.

This year’s theme is #EachforEqual, where individually we’re responsible for our own actions and thoughts but collectively we can make a difference, when we strive for an equal world.

This day is a chance to reflect on the social, economic, cultural and political rights women in history have fought for and endured, as well as an opportunity to address issues that are still prominent within society.

The workplace is an environment that makes up a considerable proportion of our lives and is also a massive contributor towards many inequalities still present. Although improvements have been made, it’s evident we have a long way to go, with one of many shocking statistics being that, at this current rate, it will take 217 years until the economic gap is closed.

Therefore, breaking down these barriers is crucial to promoting an environment and culture that makes women feel included and supported to fulfil their potential.

We’re an organisation that lives through its value of responsibility, celebrating talented women, from all backgrounds, for all their work and achievements, along with their struggles and challenges.

Despite today being the international day of recognition, it’s important to highlight the topic and address issues of inequality that remain within the workplace. That’s why we’re standing for #EachforEqual, not just today, but everyday.

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