Annapurna Supports the Building of Two Wells in Madagascar

We are very pleased to announce that, as part of Annapurna Giving this year, our support for the charity Fresh2o has resulted in the building of 2 new wells in the Andranomena Commune of Northern Madagascar.

Despite the area being difficult to access by car, the communities were dynamic in organising their contributions to the project.  This included their time.  The communities helped with the drilling of the wells despite most of the residents needing to take their agricultural products to sell in the Fianarantsoa’s Zoma Market, 19km away, each day.  The wells are now fully functioning and the villagers are overjoyed with their new water sources.

We support the Feedback Madagascar programme run by Fresh2o.  As a result of the work in July a population of 480 can now benefit from clean drinking water.  As well as the introduction of clean water infrastructure, 3 water management committees have been created and are now functioning.  6 village maintenance technicians were also identified and trained up in order to best maintain the new roles in the region.

A fantastic job by all those involved in the building of these wells.  We look forward to hearing about Fresh2o’s progress in the future.

For more information on Fresh2o please visit their website 

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