5 Lessons You Can Learn from a Dog During a Job Search

If you observe the behaviour of a dog closely, you can notice that there are some similarities between that of a dog and a successful job search. Even if you can teach an old dog new tricks, you can certainly learn some new tricks from an old dog.

1. Develop A Routine

Most dogs begin the day with an extensive stretch, followed by a long morning walk, then sleep extensively, eat and maybe top it off with a look curiously out the window. The search for a new job can certainly be mentally and physically exhausting. A simple routine such as starting with a stretch and a little exercise can prepare you for the challenges of the day ahead. A possible routine may look like this:

Monday: Search for jobs

Tuesday: Customise your resume and cover letter

Wednesday: Submit application documents

Thursday: Online and Offline networking

Friday: Write blog posts and reflect on the progress of the week

The above is simply an example, find a routine that works for you and stick to it. If you receive a rejection or go through a mental low, you will have a familiar routine to fall back on.

2. Sniff Competition

Dogs sniff each other regularly, regardless of their breed and size. During your job search, ensure you have spent enough time exploring the company, its competitors and the industry. Find out what technical skills your competitors have and compare these with your own CV. What do you need to refresh? You can get advice from successful candidates, as many share their experiences online.

3. Follow Basic Instructions

If you ask a dog to sit, then they sit (if they have been training obviously). If you ask them to raise their paw, they would do it. If an employer asks for your CV in a Word file, do not send PDF version. Your application can be dismissed straight away, simply because you have not followed a few basic instructions. Likewise, if your interview is at 1pm, then turn up 10 minutes before, not 10 minutes after or at 12.59pm.

4. Brush Up On Your Technical Skills

Dogs love to explore, they get excited when they see discover new things and meet new people. To stay up to date in your industry, you need to ensure your knowledge and skills are being constantly refreshed. This can be done by doing a college course or even by simply browsing the variety of online resources. At worst, you will learn something new which is irrelevant to your job but might be interesting. At best, your newly acquired skills will help you to land your dream job.

5. Sleep Like A Dog

Sleeping is certainly one of the favourite activities of a dog. There are countless studies that highlight the benefits of sleep. One thing is for sure: employees who suffer from sleep deprivation cannot achieve excellence. Simple tasks such as your decision making and creativity can be significantly affected by a lack of sleep. Make sure that you get enough sleep every day and improve not only your immune system, heart and mood but at the same time, you will be more productive and happier at work, which often leads to bigger and better things.

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