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Upskilling HR: Harnessing AI for Professional Development and Training

Employees Learning in the Workplace

In today’s dynamic landscape, discussions about the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on various industries, including HR, are ubiquitous. AI, despite knowing nothing about ‘being human’, is gaining significant traction in HR, with a staggering 92% of HR leaders intending to increase its utilisation in at least one area, as per Eightfold’s Talent Survey. However, before delving into how AI can revolutionise internal training processes to enhance employee development, let’s first understand what AI entails.

What is AI?

AI refers to machines’ ability to perform cognitive functions associated with human minds (McKinsey & Company, 2024).

Understanding the Upskilling Imperative

A study by edX revealed that nearly half (49%) of executives and employees believe that the skills prevalent in their workforce today will become irrelevant by 2025 (Forbes, 2023). With skills’ lifespan dwindling and technology advancing rapidly, upskilling becomes imperative for organisational success in the competitive landscape of the HR industry.

The Role of AI in HR Upskilling

AI’s capacity to process extensive data volumes and make recommendations based on pre-built frameworks offers numerous opportunities for HR professionals to enhance their talent strategies. By employing machine learning algorithms, AI can analyse vast datasets to identify skill gaps, personalise learning pathways, and recommend relevant training programmes.

Three Key Benefits of AI in HR Upskilling

  1. Personalised Learning: AI algorithms can customise learning content based on individual employee skills, preferences, and career aspirations, resulting in more effective training outcomes.
  2. Predictive Analytics: AI can analyse historical data and performance metrics to forecast future skill requirements, enabling HR professionals to proactively address skill gaps and anticipate talent needs.
  3. Continuous Feedback and Improvement: AI-powered feedback mechanisms offer real-time insights into employee performance and learning progress, enabling HR teams to iterate and enhance training programs dynamically.

Employees’ Craving for Development

A significant portion of American workers (48%) expressed willingness to switch jobs if offered skills training opportunities, underscoring the importance of embracing upskilling initiatives to remain competitive. By integrating AI into professional development and training, organisations can empower their workforce, enhance employee engagement, and achieve long-term success.

Getting the Right Support

At Annapurna Recruitment, we’re privileged to collaborate with HR tech companies specialising in integrating AI into HR departments. They help organisations deeply understand their existing skills and anticipate future needs. If you’re keen on developing your workforce’s skills and improving employee retention, we’d be delighted to connect you with our esteemed partners for a no-obligation discussion. Click here to initiate a conversation now.

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