Tim Rogers Eventing – Week 2 Diary

30 horses ridden, 3 ice baths, one bow legged rider and multiple lessons a day!

This week has stepped up a level. The training has become a lot more intense but the end results are amazing. I have been working with some of the best horses I have ever sat on but by no means does that mean that they are the easy. The correct way to train with these animals is to try and copy my trainer’s way of riding. This means hard work, precision and attempting to imitate a man who has spent 40 years perfecting the way he rides.

It’s such a learning experience. From the way to ride the top horses, to how to manage the yard to a high level, making you stand out from the other hundreds of riders out there, and to achieve this, this place is second to none.

We have been to the two biggest yards in the world (both with over 200 horses in work every day) for producing young horses. I have met with the staff and the managers, and I now have connections that people work for 20 years to make, and sometimes never achieve it.

Here is a photo of one of the more traditional stables in these yards.

Overall this week has been hard work, a big learning curve, exciting, enjoyable and exhausting but I’m loving it and can’t wait for week 3 to start. (Plus next week I promise I will get some videos of me working the horses for you!)

Nice photo of our horses enjoying the morning sun!

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