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The Need to Retain is the Name of the Game (in partnership with Click Boarding)

Retention is rapidly becoming key to business success from the very moment a new hire says ‘Yes’.

The importance of employee experience has been elevated from the move to the office to a fully remote environment and now the movement to a potentially hybrid environment. Organizations have had to start thinking about not just adjusting their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) but completely revolutionizing it. The value of talent has never been higher up on the agenda and the need to retain is the name of the game.

The BTN partnered with Click Boarding, an end-to-end employee experience platform, for an exclusive virtual roundtable around the importance of retention and building ROI into your people from day 1.

The session was hosted by the industry evangelists Danielle Balow (Associate Director of Click Boarding’s Consulting Practice) and Jess Von Bank (Head of Marketing, Now of Work at Leapgen) and attended by a group of executive People leaders.

The conversation was interactive and brought about the following takeaways:

People are re-evaluating what is important to them 

People are now making lifestyle choices when making work decisions. Historically, we always asked the employee to “fit the requirements.” Now, the tables have turned. People want to work on projects that they care about for organizations that care. If not, they are prepared to walk without a second thought.

The employer who takes care of their people right now is going to win. We need to uncover and further define why it’s great to work at our organizations and then truly drive that narrative. Loyalty may be a thing of the past but employees and candidates will respect the organization that emits clarity and is honest about the journey that they are on.

The role of the hybrid workforce may mean something different to organizations and employees but at the heart of it should be that hybrid results in personal choice for the employee.

The national employee turnover rate has steadily increased over the past several years, averaging a steady 1.5% lift. But in 2020, that number skyrocketed to 57.3%! (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). The demand for flexibility plays a big role in the decision to walk.

Employees want joy, inspiration, connection and purpose from their roles.

This is the chance for organizations to reinvent themselves

This is the best opportunity we’ve ever had to personalize work, reimagine our employer brands and tell our unique stories – with authenticity and honesty.

The larger, established organizations can offer ‘the World’ to candidates. In order to compete during this frenzied war on talent, organizations of all sizes must articulate what makes them unique and – ultimately – the best option. Can we offer our employees something different that we couldn’t offer them 18 months ago? Can we use internal talent mobility as our number 1 retention tool? If we can create skills visibility, we can provide our employees with the ability to see what they are capable of and what roles are available to them.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging have all been brought into the spotlight over the past 16+ months and organizations are starting to see it as less of a tick box and more as a strategic benefit. There should be an equal advantage for all and with new employees asking questions during the hiring process, we need to be ready to tell people exactly what we are trying to do.

The organization of the future might have employees that never ‘meet’ their manager in person or visit the physical office but can still be lifetime employees. How can we rebuild our operations to both facilitate and thrive in this new reality?

Modern technology can be the facilitator to make Employee Experience better…but only after we have ensured it’s people-focused.

There is no “one size fits all”

There’s no simple recipe for success when it comes to attracting, engaging and retaining your people. At the end of the day, when people win, the business wins.

The rise of digital and automation has meant that we are allowing machines to do parts of our jobs. Therefore, we as humans are having to become unskilled in certain aspects and reskilled in others. Keeping a skills inventory is almost just as important as anything else in our HR inventory but in certain circumstances, it is seen as a luxury. Reaping the benefits of skills visibility will allow organizations to build agility in their operations.

Organizations need to become better at storytelling and communicating the journey from X to Y. We can keep all stakeholders inspired and loyal through building trust and connections (not just digitally!). Use empathy and listen to what is being said, then demonstrate action and follow through.

We must work together to keep our people engaged and collaborate remotely. While there isn’t a magic 3-step process, Click Boarding has a solution that scales to meet your organizations’ unique requirements. So you can deliver a win that truly impacts your bottom line.

The direct correlation between effective onboarding and retention has never been stronger, so how can we create more efficient employer and employee experiences, especially following a turbulent year of unexpected challenges and evolving employee dynamics?

About Click Boarding

In today’s uncertain world, your employees deserve an efficient, modern onboarding solution that puts them at ease. Click Boarding’s mobile-first, cross-device platform is the turnkey solution you’ve been waiting for.

Click’s end-to-end employee journey platform is the intersection between engagement and compliance, at scale. The mobile-first platform integrates seamlessly with existing tech solutions, augmenting and extending their current capabilities to enable a comprehensive HR suite.

Our best-of-breed, fully-digital employee experience platform ensures your process is both seamless and foolproof. When you’re ready to focus on people and let the process run itself, you can trust our team of Clicksters.

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