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Worried about Employee Retention? Make These Three Changes…

This article was a featured article from Monday 16th March 2020 to Wednesday 25th March 2020.

The modern organisation is fast-moving and ever-changing and skilled employees are difficult to find and even harder to keep. Despite the nature of business today, many organisations are still operating in a more traditional manner which could be exacerbating their retention issues. High-performing organisations are adapting to the new nature of business and adopting new technologies that are helping them operate in the new business environment, and making them more adaptable to their employee’s needs.

If you’re concerned about employee retention within your organisation, then you should consider making these three changes:

1. Get rid of the annual employee engagement survey.

2. Stop focusing on fixing the engagement challenges of your previous employees.

3. One size doesn’t fit all and should not be part of your ‘strategy’.

To understand more about why these changes will help and what you can do to adapt, you can read more in our partner, Glint’s Employee Retention Whitepaper

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