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Strategic Talent Acquisition in the Digital Age – Part 3 with Yasar Ahmad

In part 3 of this exclusive video series, in partnership with VONQ, Yasar Ahmad (Director & Head of Strategic Recruitment at Wipro) discusses hiring for potential and the way it can affect the future of strategic talent acquisition. Yasar considers how hiring for potential can help organisations attack the issues that they are facing, like diversity and inclusion issues, talent shortages, candidate experience etc. Following this, Yasar looks at how technology can help hiring, with the potential of being able to estimate the future, contemplating the role automation could play in recruitment in the future.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2.

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Yasar Ahmad is the Head of Strategic Hiring and Redeployment at Wipro. Previously, he was leading the strategic hiring for Wipro Digital. Prior to that, he was a Director for a start-up HR & Contingency organisation based in the UK.

Yasar is an accomplished HR leader with experience in various HR roles, with a passion for Talent Acquisition, Inclusion and Diversity and developing a brands EVP model. Across his career, he has been embracing digital innovation to automate and transform organisations HR functions. From Talent Acquisition processes, Global Mobility, D&I Strategies to early careers for Graduates and Interns.

Yasar is a member of the RL100 and committed speaker on industrial challenges and creating human-shaped experiences. With his team recently winning the 2019 HRD Award for Diversity & Inclusion and the 2018 Award for Innovative Recruitment and On-boarding. 

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