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Strategic Talent Acquisition in the Digital Age – Part 2 with Ann Roberts

In part 2 of this exclusive video series with Ann Roberts (HR Director at MagicLab), in partnership with VONQ, looks at the importance of maintaining ‘human touch’ in a recruitment space that is being rumoured to become automated. Ann focuses on how technology should act as an enabler for what we already fo, but it just helps us be more effective, with still the human elements playing the main part of talent acquisition.

VONQ offers smart recruitment marketing solutions to help recruiters target the right talent. With the help of an advanced job marketing technology, VONQ helps recruiters to promote their jobs via the best performing channels. With smart employer branding solutions, VONQ empowers recruiters to promote their employer brand to their desired online audience.


Ann Roberts helps businesses, small and big, solve their people challenges, bringing a commercial HR approach to facilitate strategic business drivers. She’s interested in all things at the intersection of modern HR practice, emerging technologies and business results in complex, global matrix organisations.

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