New Year, New Career?

It is the New Year and you’ve already got that sinking feeling that you need to go back to the office. Your next payday is not until late January and the January sales have hit your bank account hard.

In this case, you have exactly two options: sink or swim. January is one of the best months for those who want to not just rejuvenate their careers, but their whole lives. All you have to do is remain proactive and positive.

Get In The Right Mindset

Setbacks can hurt – we have all had this experience before, but you must not despair. Even if it may sound like a stereotype: positive thinking can be the key to success. A cynical attitude can quickly frighten a potential new employer so try not to worry about how many interviews it is taking to find a new role. Instead, try to remember your abilities, strengths, and your previous success.

Identify Your Strengths

If you find an interesting and relevant job advert, ask yourself: “What skills do you have, that others wouldn’t.” It is also important to think about what parts of the job would you really enjoy. After all, it makes little sense moving from one unhappy place to another.

Shine In Your Interview

An interview is your chance to impress your potential new boss and leave a good first impression. It is possible that your new boss is sitting in front of you, so make sure you try your best to stand out from the other applicants. Doing video interviews is another way of ensuring that you shine as a first impression. Using Hinterview will ensure that your first impression is the best impression whilst utilising technology that showcases your CV alongside your cultural credibilities.

Look For Details

The interview has gone well and you can relax, right? Not entirely true.

This is when you need to pay attention to the small details, something you should definitely have looked at before you applied. Even if you are the best person for the job from your interview, you can bet that your potential employer will search for you on social media to find out more about you. We live in an increasingly digital world and social media is gaining in importance. Use the Internet to promote yourself and your talents, don’t let it hinder you.

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