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Led Right & Grew by Shea Heaver

The fact that you are here today reading this, is proof that (at various stages throughout your life) significant people helped guide you along the appropriate path resulting in you becoming a better person.

From early years, through troubled teens, seemingly endless college days and now the world of work, we all grew personally and professionally because we were led the right way by parents, relatives, teachers, peers, managers and various other mentors.

We all have our own inner desires and drive, but we dramatically augment that when we follow (or at least listen to) the leadership of individuals who know the way, go the way and show the way.

Leadership isn’t simply represented by a job title or designation, but rather by the positive impact it has on those in observance. True leaders elevate the self-esteem, engagement levels and productivity of others in a number of ways;

  • A leader makes others feel valued because they understand we are all different and hence take time to uncover and recognize the individual’s needs
  • A leader ensures differences of opinion are vehicles to a better collective solution rather than leading to conflict and dysfunction.
  • A leader understands that to motivate others you must find out their self-interests and then help them achieve those goals.
  • A leader champions feedback as a 2-way communication tool ensuring the needs of all parties are met in a way that furthers to larger objective.

Great companies have an abundance of leaders throughout all levels of the business, and a passion to develop leadership qualities in all employees.

An organization with just one leader is very short on leadership.

Finally, leadership is very much a pay it forward activity, so we all have a duty to continue the efforts of those before us, and be the leaders that others seek.

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