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HR 4.0 – Automation & AI: Walk before you Run by Nick Short

In the first instalment of this exclusive video series in partnership with, Nick Short, Talent Acquisition Lead (UK&I) at SIEMENS discusses HR, automation and AI. Nick focuses on the integration of automation and AI into organisations, particularly in HR and Talent Acquisitions, looking at the fear, fascinations and possibilities it provides, alongside considering the role automation plays in the future of work.

Nick continues to look at what an automation first mindset means, considering whether organisations and people are ready for it and how best we can implement in our organisations, emphasising the importance of having the data correct in the first place to allow AI to function as well as it possibly can.

This video series will cover more episodes on a weekly basis including:

In the episode, Alistair describes how to leverage automation to drive value-creation and make job opportunities more visible within organisations.

Arkady discusses the difference between the third and the fourth industrial revolution, its benefits & how to start an Automation journey.

In this episode, Siobhan focuses on customer experience and the positive impact that technology & automation can have within this.

About is an HR solution that helps forward-thinking companies thrive, by implementing conversational and outcome-driven workflow automation. Future-proofing HR and talent acquisition strategies, helps them embrace an HR 4.0 mind-set.

Our award-winning methodology delivers value across the HR lifecycle by converging Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Chatbots, Machine Learning and Analytics. We help forward-thinking HR teams reduce waste and optimise service delivery. What HR 4.0 comes down to is not only efficiency and effectiveness but really about the experience.
It helps eliminate the waste and the frustration associated with HR processes while driving impactful experiences for all your stakeholders: candidates, employees, contractors, TA/TM executives and hiring managers.

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