How to Pick a Good Recruiter

Trusting another person with the fate of your employment doesn’t seem like a natural process but to get your dream job, sometimes that is the only way. Choosing a recruitment agency and a consultant will actually simplify your job hunt and save you time. This person is going to be a guide in your professional life and that’s why you should build a trustworthy relationship.

Did you know that 90% of job seekers use a recruitment agency to find a new job?

Recruitment consultants sell your profile to their clients, probably your future employer, by showcasing your CV and your personality. They are totally aware of your experiences and expectations, and therefore they are able to find a job that matches your requirements.

So, how do you make the first step?

Find a recruitment firm that specialises in your industry and location. An agency that is knowledgeable is vital in your niche if they are to understand exactly what your skills are and where you will fit best. If your values of the organisation align with those of the agency/consultant, they your relationship should be even stronger!

And now, how to pick a recruiter?

Look for a recruiter on LinkedIn/Google who is expert in your field. Ideally, your personal network should already include someone who is an expert. Alternatively, why don’t you ask your LinkedIn network to suggest to you some different recruitment companies they already have worked with before sending blindly your CV to every recruiter you find. Word of mouth recommendations are the best form of marketing!

Once you’re in contact with your recruiter, do not hesitate to ask questions about their experience in the industry, and find out how much they actually know about your industry…

Avoid recruitment firms that ask the job-seeker to pay for the recruitment service. Most of the time, the clients already pay the recruitment company to find them talents.

How to be sure I’ve fought a great recruiter?

We have listed the qualities a recruiter should have to help you find your next role:
– is a good listener and communicator
– has a clear understanding of your needs and expectations
– keeps in touch with you regularly
– considers candidates as people and not as products
– is open-minded and detail-oriented
– is well organised, but creates urgency when needed is not too pushy
– is able to motivate you and give you guidance for interviews
– helps you until the end of the recruitment process

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