How To Make Your Job Search Mobile

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have the aim to help every task a human does in their everyday life to make it easier. The job hunting process is constantly being improved by advancements in technology, with the main reason simply being that it takes a lot of time to find the perfect job and apply for multiple roles. So why not reduce the time you dedicate to your job search by using apps, whilst you’re on the go?

Here is our selection of the best job-hunting apps:


This is probably the first app that will come to your mind when thinking about your job search. The aim of LinkedIn is not only to share your working experiences and showcase your skills, but also to develop your network, which obviously has knock on effects of helping you find a job. You can define your job requirements and career goals on LinkedIn’s job search, you can even highlight to your network that you are open to new opportunities so that they will help you connect with new people or redirect you to suitable job offers.


Indeed provides more than 16 million job ads worldwide, including internships, freelance, and part-time placements. This is quite regularly the first port of call for job seekers.


Glassdoor is the specialist in providing an insight into a company thanks to the latest reviews, salary reports, recruitment process and interview questions, shared anonymously by employees. Obviously, the app allows you to discover job offers relating to the company, as well as getting a better insight of the company culture or structure.


By swiping left or right to apply to the position that matches your requirements, Switch may sound similar to people already using dating apps because of the easy handling presentation of job ads and quick application process. Similarily, hiring managers who also have interest in your profile will swipe left as well.


Similar to other job search apps, ZipRecruiter offers you lots of positions. The innovative feature is that you are able to know how many times your profile has been viewed by recruiters. Impressions give you better insight of the accuracy of your profile, and whether you need to improve your profile to make yourself more searchable.

Every app will simplify your job search after simply creating your profile, by receiving the matching job alerts, applying directly to the ads or saving some attractive positions for later.

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