How to Be a Stand Out Candidate?

Candidates should always be prepared for the common interview questions but how can you truly make a difference in the interview process and stand out from the other applicants?

1. Introduce yourself with enthusiasm and show determination towards the role. Try and showcase your ambition and portray some self-confidence.

2. Having a proactive attitude by asking the hiring person a few questions will make you sound interesting and more importantly, interested in the role. What about asking about:

  • – How you are going to be involved in the company’s success or how you can make it better
  • – How did the hiring manager get their position in the company
  • – What could be the reasons not to be hired or if he/she has restrictions

3. Show the best version of yourself to the hiring manager and take your own initiative to showcase your skills and achievements. Look at designing a portfolio that can showcase some of your work or bring some live examples to showcase your work history.

Companies will never employ people for a single role but for the future growth of the business. Take this into account when looking for roles and building out your CV and cover letter. Highlight your ambition and try to emit what your career goals are.

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