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The role of talent has evolved dramatically over the past few years with the advancement of technology and accessibility to candidates, yet the role of executive search does not seem to have aligned with changing times and has been quite static in approach and delivery.

Annapurna is a growing Talent Consulting business, trying to break the mould on the traditional Search practice.

Alongside James Ballard (Managing Partner & Co-Founder) and Craig Meehan (Practice Lead), our team of researchers and I are working with scaling/transforming businesses that are experiencing significant growth and partnering with growing brands on retained search projects, which have been pivotal to helping their businesses thrive.

As you have probably discovered, the traditional brands in this space are typically looking for 30-40%, often on full compensation. In the past, this was (possibly) justifiable based on how the market operated as there was very little visibility in terms of the candidate base it would be necessary to uncover and engage with, and thereby create longlists and shortlists. This meant a huge amount of leg work and man-hours to achieve the desired result, plus paid-for press advertising and the production of expensive brochures for candidates reaching shortlist stage.

We have a flexible approach to pricing: we appreciate that every search mandate needs to be treated as bespoke, to support specific company values and culture.
We will not charge obscene amounts for our efforts and we will always try to be as competitive as possible in the market!
Not only can we offer extremely competitive pricing, which is tailored to your requirements, but we have also invested in several tools which enable us to work at a much faster pace, whilst maintaining the quality of the candidate and ensuring a diverse shortlist is provided.

  • 10x – we use Professor Peter Saville’s latest profiling technology for candidate assessments.
  • Our own networking platform, the Business Transformation Network, to host specialised events to target specific passive candidate pools.
  • We use video interviewing software to pre-screen and interview candidates which can be shared as a part of the shortlisting process. This is extremely time-efficient and allows access to broader, international talent.
  • We create your own client portal, so that you can access market-maps, and shortlists without the need for multiple email chains. You can also provide candidate feedback as well as book interviews directly via this system.
  • Using various technology sourcing platforms as well as the above additional services, we feel we’re able to provide a much more efficient and tailored approach to executive search than is typically known in the market.

Search is not all that we do at Annapurna. The final element we build into our offer is that for us any placement is a strategic opportunity to become a “growth partner” with a client, whereby we can provide a number of services across a variety of business functions to help in their targeted growth, through attraction of the best talent.


About me

I’m Terri and I’m the Head of Exec Recruitment at Annapurna.

Having been in recruitment for nearly 10 years, I’ve worked with an array of clients and have a vested interest in truly getting value for

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