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Understanding Digital Transformation Terminology

Digital Transformation is everywhere and can become a bit of a minefield of jargon and terminology, from AI to Analytics, and IoT to Ransomware, technical terminology can be confusing and as a business transformation leader, you need to understand the potential technology can provide for your organisation.

If you find yourself in over your head confusing your RPA with your BPM, our partner IQPC have provided a glossary of technology-focused terms to help organisations understand their opportunities and the terms that are trending amongst digital transformation.

Our Top Tips and Takeaways from this glossary:

AI won’t steal your job, but RPA might.

Many people are fretting over losing their job to AI, however, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is actually more likely to take your role. RPA is based on the concept of using special automation software to handle repetitive human tasks that are highly rule-based with little variation in how each task is performed.  

Machine Learning and Big Data are intertwined.

Machine Learning uses big data to interact with users, so although AI is becoming intelligent, it isn’t actually in the machine, it’s through Big Data and the IoT. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to become more important.

Although IoT refers to the interconnectedness of almost any device over the internet, which can cause massive privacy issues as well as being useful. Due to GDPR, the security and privacy of data across the IoT will become an increasing concern for organisations and users alike.

Download the full glossary here to:

  • Help bust the technical jargon
  • Understand what technology could work with your organisation
  • Understand how technology and business process improvement can work together to create Technology Excellence

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The Business Transformation Network has posted this article in partnership with IQPC and TEX Week Europe.

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