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Top Reasons Why Employees Stay or Leave by Alie Jules

“Should I stay or Should I go?”

According to research by Randstad US, the top reason for employees staying and leaving a job is pay. That pay is essential doesn’t come as a big surprise.

Although toxic work culture contributes to talent leaving, it’s not the only reason.

Today’s workers value work-life balance, flexibility, and growth opportunities. Without these, employees are more likely to seek out better opportunities elsewhere.

In fact,

Work-life balance is so crucial that 66% of employees surveyed won’t consider a job that doesn’t offer at least ten paid vacation days. About half would work for a bad boss if they had unlimited vacation time.

Want to boost your chances of attracting new workers and keeping your current talent? Consider these top reasons why employees stay:

Top Reasons Employees Stay

1. Salary and Benefits

2. Job Security

3. Location

4. Work-life Balance

5. Flexible Arrangements

Causes for employee turnover, take a look at these top reasons:

Top Reasons Employees Leave

1. Compensation too low

2. Limited Career Path

3. Work-life Balance issues

4. Insufficient Challenges

5. Organization shows poor leadership

Now, some employees stay – even when they don’t love their jobs.

So, what can you do to improve your employee experience?

Your employees are your most valuable asset.

“Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. It’s as simple as that.” Richard Branson


They say I should write here an impressive summary of my accomplishments, preferably talking about myself in the third person, to showcase my best professional self.

They say a lot of things…
I do the opposite.

I don’t have a 7-minute solution to anything.
But I do have thoughts, insights, and experience, all of which I share with you.

You can’t squeeze me into a box.
It’s been tried, it didn’t work.

What I am not:
I’m an author of no New York Times Bestseller.
I’m unranked as the top Modern Leadership Expert.
I’m (hopefully) somewhere in the 5,869,329 of the top creative and strategic minds in business & marketing. (crossing fingers)
I’m the un-influencer according to non-influencers everywhere.
I’m not the “father of anything” (duh).

I’m a listener to leaders (sometimes I speak, rarely do I whisper…)
I’m a speaker to many – of the topics that should be shared.
I’m a sharer of strategies and tactics to help you succeed.

In other words:
Modern Leadership Advisor
Strategy & Digital Marketing Consultant
Keynote Speaker
Writer (a book you ask? it’s in the works)

Always learning.
Always exploring.
Always testing.
Incrementally improving.

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