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The Great Resignation: Fiorella Jaramillo – Part 1

Within part 1 of this discussion around ‘The Great Resignation’,  Fiorella Jaramillo (Manager of People Operations at Juno College of Technology) talks about what the great resignation is and why it is happening.

Throughout 2021 and into 2022, millions of people have left their jobs across the world, with a noticeable trend being that of the demographic of these individuals being between the ages of 30 and 45 and mid to senior-level employees.

Fiorella introduces what she believes to be the cause of the great resignation. The pandemic stopped lots of people from resigning from their roles during 2021, which has meant that many have held off their decision to move on until the employers have opened up opportunities in 2022. Many companies were negatively impacted by the pandemic which lead to high levels of burnout, as well as a decreased level of job satisfaction. People are now reevaluating their priorities in terms of searching for more stable and fulfilling careers, better management, higher growth, and a better work-life balance.

According to Fiorella, employees are resigning for simple reasons like they are being asked to return to the office. This work-life balance that many employees are striving for, where they can then spend more time with their families, live further away from the city and find everything more fulfilling is one that is becoming an all too frequent conversation. Companies are now becoming desperate to hire and are adopting a lot more aggressive techniques to hire as well as offering a higher income as a way to lure employees in.


Fiorella Jaramillo is the Manager of People Operations at Juno.

Prior to joining Juno, she worked at a few tech startups, where she started, developed and grew the HR function. Fiorella is passionate about cultures that put the employee first and increase engagement and employee satisfaction. She strives to make every company where she works a top employer and has gotten 3 companies recognized nationally for culture, growth and innovation. Fiorella loves writing policy, which she attributes to her Bachelors in Philosophy and her drive for the fair and equitable treatment of everyone.

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