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Stepping Stones to Becoming a Skills-Based Organization in 2024 by Sultan Saidov

Delve into a quick highlights video of ‘Stepping Stones to Becoming a Skills-Based Organization in 2024’!

At our recent conference ERUPT: Excellence in LeadershipSultan Saidov (Co-Founder and President at Beamery) joined James Ballard (Co-Founder at Annapurna), to discuss the role of skills, challenges, opportunities, and the evolution of the modern organisation.

Organisations will need to take an outcome first mindset, rather than a feature and solution mindset.

Sultan talked about how skills-based organisations are going to evolve into the future and what the impact will be on society and jobs.

The journey towards becoming skills-focused is sometimes perceived as having to overcome many hurdles, but when we pivot that mindset and look at these as stepping stones to the end goal, the objective becomes achievable and much more desirable.

The conversation tackled:

  • Skills taxonomies – what has changed and how it has been done well
  • How to drive real adoption of skills frameworks and job architectures
  • Getting buy-in from board level, hiring managers, and line managers

Re-live the conference by watching the full conversation between Sultan and James on-demand below!

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