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“Responding in a Human Way to the Need for Constant Change and Innovation” by Markus Andrezak

Markus discusses in the following video about how to respond in a human way to the need for constant change and innovation.
He utilises his own personal experiences against well-known leaders in the industry to compile a thought engaging discussion.

“Markus Andrezak has worked on high traffic, high revenue internet products since 1998. Previous companies include AOL, Scout group (Germany), eBay,, Rewe (grocery), Springer (publishing) and many more. For the past 2 years, his own company ü, have been helping companies in the areas of product, product strategy, strategy, organisation, and leadership towards finding products their clients really need. 
He is a frequent speaker on innovation, product, strategy and Lean/Kanban at national and international conferences. 
His office is located in Potsdam, Germany – close to the capital Berlin“

Extra reading:
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Markus Andrezak, “Visual Portfolio Management“ on infoq (putting it all together) :

Pioneers, Settlers, Town Planners, by Simon Wardley
Innovators Dilemma, Wikipedia:
Kotters 8 Accelerators:

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