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Peace of Mind in the Midst of Disruption in 2023

Disruption is both an objective event and a subjective experience.

Objectively, 2023 will likely bring about changes in personal circumstances we’ve never experienced before, the way we live, work and who we work with.

Imagine developing a mindset that give you peace of mind and a roadmap to craft your own experience irrespective of what happens in the environment around you.

Last week I spoke at JCI London Christmas Gala about the 3 important lessons that have helped me overcome countless setbacks as I lived, travelled and worked in 5 cities across Europe while helping my family grow their businesses in uncertain and often hostile conditions.

These 3 lessons do not overlook the fact that challenges today are very real, yet they highlight how there is a lot you can do to raise above your current circumstances in the face of what may be coming next.

Mindset Shift # 1

Resist the temptation of expecting things to be different than they are.

Personal expectations are the insidious root causes of resistance to change. They are what hold many people back when trying to force fit old lenses into a new reality.

A particular leadership style that might have helped in the past, can become outdated and less relevant in a new context or when a new challenge comes up.

A few months ago, during a conversation she shared she’d become frustrated because one of her senior peers was set in his ways, thought in binary terms rather than from a people-first and wholistic perspectives.

We shifted her attention away from the feeling of frustration, and towards specific things she could do so her objections were heard and acted on, while saving her time in trials and errors.

By becoming aware of our own expectations, and choosing not to engage, we unlock tremendous energy better used to create the opportunity to reshape things into how we want them to be. 

What expectations are worth letting go of?

Mindset Shift # 2

Go deeper, not wider.

If you, like me, want to contribute in your own way, love leaning in, are growth oriented and regularly challenge yourself, then the drawback is that you might end up getting involved in multiple projects at once, pulled in different directions and running out of steam. Over time this builds up stress, can strain relationships and cause isolation.

By slowing down, we create the space to go deeper in the relationships and the work that matter the most. It’s from this place that we are cementing more solid foundations to withstand any new gust of wind.

Mindset Shift # 3

Doing versus being.

Doing impactful work and peace of mind are not merely a result of ‘what we do’. They are also impacted by how we routinely ‘show up’.

Are you truly present in your conversations? Can you create non-judgemental space for others to process their own emotional ups and downs? Can you harness the courage to have that difficult conversation?

When we focus on the strengthening the way we show up (what I call ‘being’), we are naturally developing the inner qualities needed to make the ‘doing’ a lot more impactful. Doing it the other way around can make it ineffective, seem rushed and disingenuous.

As we all prepare for 2023, I am opening up 3 x 90 minutes spots for people that would like to go deeper into crafting a vision for 2023 that transcends any turmoil that might come in the near future. DM me.

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