Optimizing your job search

Now here is the truth: a job search is a full time job in itself. However, your time may well be taken up with commitments such as already having job. Therefore it is imperative that you plan your time and try to schedule in applying and interviewing for jobs out of business hours i.e. in the early morning, lunch time or after work.

However time management aside, how you go about applying for a new role is also key.

Job boards.

Are you focussing your job search on job boards? They are often cited as the most ineffective way of going about searching for the a new role but that does not mean that you should neglect them completely. They are a great starting point in terms of research and to give you an idea of the current job market.

Be aware however that many other interested candidates will use an ‘in’ or rather a connection to get themselves the job.

This leads me to my next point.


Found a job ad you like the look of? See if you have any 1st or 2nd degree connections at the company, better still if you have any connections in the same department. Make contact with them and find out what you can about the company and ideally get an introduction.

Simultaneously use LinkedIn to connect with recruiters who specialise in your sector. It may be that they will be able to suggest a job or an industry that you are matched to, yet haven’t considered.

Use recruiters.

This will give you access to a ‘hidden’ job market. Many companies use agencies to avoid having to undertake the time-consuming administration side of the hiring process, meaning you will not see the job advertised on their website or standard job board.

Moreover, the agency that a company chooses is highly trusted by them. This means your recruiter has an intimate knowledge of the both the role and the company’s needs, putting you in a better position. You will know exactly what a company requires of you, and can base your preparation around this.

Most importantly using a recruiter can take the pressure off you. A good recruiter will take stock of your needs and help you in terms of CV adjustments and preparation for interviews. This is certainly not a negative with all the other commitments that you have.

Stay positive and the right role will come your way.

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