Human-Machine Collaboration: How AI is Changing the Dynamics of People Management

18 April 2024
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM GMT

The role of technology and its advancement in functionality is transforming how we manage people. Machines can handle repetitive tasks such as scheduling and performance tracking, freeing managers to focus on strategic initiatives and employee development. This human-machine collaboration allows for data-driven decisions, personalised engagement, and a positive impact on a healthier work environment…but how do we get people bought into this way of working?

We are delighted to partner with Beamery, the leading Talent Lifecycle Management organisation, for an exclusive roundtable for People leaders. Join our host, James Ballard (Founder at Annapurna), and Beamery, to explore how AI is redefining people management and unlocking a new era of empowered teams and a thriving workforce.

The roundtable will be attendee-led, but will likely follow the below discussion points:

  • Unlocking productivity gains – where is the low-hanging fruit?
  • What joined up data-enabled AI could mean for skills discovery and workforce planning
  • Risks and the importance of explainable AI

Attendance is free and the event will be held at The Haymarket Hotel in Central London. Drinks and refreshments will be provided.

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