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HR for HR

Thu, 01/12/2022 - 16:00 to 17:30

How do we make sure that we have the capabilities in place for the future of our HR teams?

HR leaders need a way to benchmark their team’s capabilities and understand how to build better HR/People functions for future needs.

What are the skills that effective HR professionals require to keep up with the changing world of work? How can we ensure our People teams can keep up with times of change? What can we do to bring our teams up to speed with technology in the era of AI and Automation? How can we upskill our teams to think beyond their traditional roles and think more strategically about the wider organisation’s goals and bottom line?

In an ever-changing world of work, how do current and aspiring HR professionals start to future-proof themselves and ensure they are designing the different hats they need for the future and for now?

This exclusive roundtable will be a Chatham House discussion with some of the brightest HR leaders across Europe as we look to understand what steps we should have in place for HR to succeed as HR.

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