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How to Remain Relevant in an Ever-Changing Technological Landscape

Thu, 14/03/2019 - 18:00 to 20:00

Whilst the ever-changing tech landscape is clearly an on-going improvement for consumers through the offering of new and better products on a regular basis, there are the repercussions this has on people working within the field.

This BTN event will be focused on how to keep yourself current both from an internal and external point of view.

Speakers for this event will be announced in due course.

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Location: Norrsken House, Birger Jarlsgatan 57 c, 113 56 Stockholm, Sweden

Price: Free


Chu Zhu


CEO and CTO at This is Deploy

The next digital evolution – Conversational interfaces (Chatbot)

  • Quick Look back of the tech evolution past decade
  • How conversational agents come into play
  • Basic intro about AI based NLP Chatbot
  • How Chatbot is being used to drive real business value
  • Case study on a few recruitment purposed bots.
  • Recommendation on how to get started
With 8 years of experience from founding and scaling Hyper growth company Sqore working with smart recruitment, Chu Started a boutique tech agency This is Deploy. Apart from traditionally strong Web/mobile app product development, Deploy has been focusing on deploying AI Chatbot solutions in real business cases, e.g., recruitment, hospitality, customer support, etc. Chu and his team has dedicated a great effort in building a variety of AI-powered conversational agent (aka Chatbots). The team has extensive experience in multiple AI-powered platforms from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.

    Göran Almgren


    Enigio Time AB

    Using blockchain technology for true digitalization in order to: 

    • Prevent fake news 
    • Preserve correct data for coming generations
    • Create true digital original assets
    Göran holds a MSc in Computer Science and before founding Enigio Time he held various management positions at Nasdaq and as a freelance management consultant.

    Per Klaar

    Chief Data Officer

    Offerta Group AB

    Augmenting an organization with AI to scale faster

    • Labor intense areas that prevent growth 
    • Early churn detection using deep neural networks
    • Leveraging NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand your customers

    Per Klaar is marketing technologist leading AI and analytics projects at – the largest digital marketplace for services in Sweden.

    Previously, Per has worked with digital analytics, marketing and product management for companies like Google, General Electric and Electronic Arts. 

    He graduated from Uppsala University with a masters degree in Engineering Physics specializing in data processing and computer science. 

      Tommy Jarnemark


      BrainHeart Energy Sweden

      Creating an agile, disciplined and customer-centric company

      • The framework to become customer-centric
      • A new structure for steering a company from a customer view
      • Our journey as a company
      I am a digital business executive with deep experience and track record in creating new business growth and driving digital transformation. I’ve always seen myself as a change leader, visionary and a front runner. Creating new business and getting things done in a rapidly changing business environment comes natural to me. Now I am CEO/VD for BrainHeart Energy Sweden, the fastest growing cleantech and energytech scale up in Sweden.

        Tom Viggers

        Global Account Director


        Unlocking Talent Potential: Time to Change the Game Tom is Global Account Director for EMEA at Pymetrics, whose aim is to help global employers leverage the latest in neuroscience and AI Machine Learning to change the world of work.

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