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How to Create a Flawless Candidate Experience

Staffing Industry Analysts report that there were about 1.9 jobs for every unemployed person in May 2022, with job openings far exceeding the number of job seekers. With such a tight labour market, it’s never been more critical than now to provide a seamless experience for your candidates, to ensure you’re staying ahead of the competition.

The BTN was recently delighted to partner with Cloudcall, the voice and communication system for your sales and recruitment teams, for an exclusive virtual event to discuss ‘How to Create a Flawless Candidate Experience’. The open and interactive session was hosted by Chris Fraher (US Director of Sales at CloudCall) which brought about the following takeaways: 

A positive candidate experience is fundamental to the success of your business

Providing a positive candidate experience should be done regardless of company size, stage or industry. The past few years have resulted in candidates having an influx of choices, making it harder for employers to differentiate themselves and establish how their values, company culture and employees represent a unique opportunity for top candidates. Providing a positive candidate experience means that organisations are able to build trust and loyalty across their applicants, which in turn can help boost their employer brand externally. With a stronger employer brand, organisations can distinguish themselves as an employer of choice in their industry. When organisations can move from being transactional to investing in their people, then their candidate experience journey will be a much greater experience together. 

The next wave of change will be about managing the candidate experience in 2023. The candidate experience will always be directly impacted by the relationship with the recruiter that is dealing with a candidate so it is vital we are equipping the‘ faces of our organisation’ with the tools and skills to help them manage multiple roles, across multiple locations and engage with multiple personalities.

The ‘Old School’ approach still helps your job search

Networking was once the engine that powered the recruitment industry. In an age where social media has taken over, some agencies may question whether networking is still a vital part of their success. Although companies want you to use the internet to apply for jobs, good old-fashioned networking is still proven to be one of the best ways to actually find (and most often land) a job. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that 70 per cent of all jobs are found through networking, which is the best way to find great candidates. 

Although emails and texts can sometimes be the only way to get through to professionals, you still cannot beat a phone call or face-to-face meeting for an in-depth discussion or catch-up.

We should not let things blindsight us such as ensuring that recruiters do not allow the number of relevant words in a CV dictate whether or not they consider an individual for a role. 

Transparency is the solution to ‘Quiet quitting’

The role of transparency is beginning to become more fruitful in today’s working world due to the hiring insight impact it has on potential candidates. Transparency establishes the integrity of both the employer and employee as well as a level of trust between the two. Candidates want honest input into what recruiters think and see when it comes to their experience. It’s less about being personal and more about becoming a friend. Building rapport and relationships have never been more important in a world where meeting face-to-face becomes a rarity.

It was mentioned that ‘The Great Resignation’ has been replaced with ‘quiet quitting’, which is a direct impact on the lack of transparency across organisations. One in four employees is quitting their jobs over the lack of transparency and almost four in five say they don’t trust bosses who fail to share company data. This is because employees feel they are left in the dark about business developments which can also be referred to as ‘mushroom management’.

Transparency will help not only improve disengaged workers but build trust and open communications. It will strengthen relationships and future an environment of collaboration. 

About CloudCall

CloudCall’s unparalleled CRM integration unifies your communications, improves data quality, increases productivity, and captures all conversations. CloudCall is the voice and communication system for your sales and recruitment teams.

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