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The Future Is Female

Tuesday 5th July 11am CET.

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Are you interested in starting your own business? Do you want to be inspired by like-minded female founders? Hear from our panel of female CEOs and Founders about their business journey and how to conquer the female startup world.

All-female founding teams currently receive less than 1% of funding, so in 2022, are we seeing a change in the startup and VC space?

Talent Works found that 62% of women in tech have experienced toxic work cultures within the last 5 years and it’s believed that outdated stereotypes and ways of working are holding women back from accessing high paying jobs in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Despite there being big hurdles to overcome when bridging the gender equality gap in entrepreneurship, there has been a long-awaited, inspirational surge of female founders taking risks and emerging as successful leaders and CEOs.

Annapurna ERUPT’s Chief Evangelist, Mark Frost will be our host, following the success of the Tech for Good event held in Spring.

The discussion will be a chance to learn more from empowering females to find out their backstory of becoming a founder and how they managed to set up their business to become a success within their industry.

We will also analyse the positives and possible difficulties of being a female founder within the current climate and whether there are stereotypes and gender biases that they may have come across.

We will ask difficult questions about the gender pay gap, imposter syndrome and whether they have faced any discrimination.

Mark will also explore the different rewards that female founders may give to their employees and the benefits of working in a female-led company such as a sabbatical post-maternity or understanding family demands. 

We will touch base on funding schemes and how these founders may have acquired funding from VCs, and whether they think their gender has impacted these decisions. 

Lastly, the founders will offer advice to females who are aiming to start their business careers.

Our speakers for this panel include:

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