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Empowering HR: Unlocking Strategic Potential with Innovation

The role of HR has been thrust into the forefront of organisations during a recent rapid period of change. A systemic change has occurred when it comes to the location where people work, the role of mental health, the adoption of technology, and the way that we approach skills.

We were delighted to bring together a group of HR leaders for a VIP roundtable to discuss how empowering HR can help accelerate organisational growth.
The conversation was led by James Ballard (Co-founder at Annapurna), with Asim Amin (Founder and CEO at Plumm) and Ashley Roberts (Sales Manager at Plumm) providing expertise and industry knowledge to the table.

The conversation was lively and interactive, bringing about the following takeaways:

Always be addressing concerns and leveraging AI effectively

AI is most definitely at its PR peak of interest with both organisations and individuals utilising widely available tools such as Google Gemini and ChatGPT. This infancy of utilisation has countered some of the initial fears that society had around ‘AI taking jobs’ and ‘taking over the world’.
Whilst AI specifically in HR is gaining traction, understanding its limitations is crucial. Its effectiveness will undoubtedly depend on human input and the output will only ever be equal to the inputs that the human puts in. The group spoke about how their HR teams have started utilising AI to help with admin tasks such as policy writing, advert writing, and much more. The importance of control and security in these instances must still be a focus and a couple of the HR leaders had implemented PrivateGPT as a means to ensure privacy is not compromised. HR needs to continue to be strategic in implementing AI and avoid simply following trends.

Adapting to the evolving HR landscape

The digital transformation of HR requires navigating the potential and limitations of AI, whilst ensuring the human element remains central to decision-making. Technology should always be a facilitator for saving operational time and AI can be the tool that gives you back the administration time.
The world of work has evolved and the people experience should be front and centre of everything we do. We must treat our people as being the customers of HR and continue to address the concerns of our employees. HR technology will evolve and grow in its importance but there are continued anxieties in certain situations such as the recording of DEI and mental health data in HR systems.
HR professionals should continue to address these ongoing concerns with transparency and ensure data security is at the forefront of any technology rollout.
HR is touching every facet of the organisational lifecycle and we must continue to ensure our finger is on the pulse.

Innovation within resource constraints

Innovation in 2024 is going to be more so than in the past 10 years. How HR considers ROI needs careful consideration and embarking on a journey of change should not just be for the sake of it.
Technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper and the group discussed many emerging technologies that can offer new ways to engage employees. The HR leader’s role should become more of a storyteller to the CFO and ensure they are continuing to have an influence at the board level. Finding opportunities to blend technology solutions into a single source should always be an aim
Even with limited budgets in a struggling economic climate, HR teams can practice agile working, focus on internal customer experience (employees), and leverage partnerships to achieve strategic innovation.

Collaboration and storytelling are still the key to successfully implementing innovative solutions in HR, even with limited resources. The digital transformation of HR will continue to evolve and the impact of technology and AI, in particular, is still to be determined but HR is starting to really show its potential and future is near. AI is never enough by itself.

The conversation left the group with plenty of food for thought around some of the opportunities that are on the horizon for 2024. We must continue to focus on the human touch. We must continue to ensure our HR technology is personalised. We must continue to put our employees first and focus on their mental health.

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