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‘Customer Experience, isn’t that just another name for…’ by Craig McVoy

The Business Transformation Network brings you an exclusive video from Craig McVoy about Customer Experience.

In the video, Craig looks at how different industry sectors associate Customer Experience with a variety of other parts of the business. He breaks down the various topics people believe to be customer experience and explains how they fit into the true description of this key business proposition.

Craig has over 20 years experience of working with some of the most admired brands in the world, helping them to shape their customer experience strategy and operational excellence. An established speaker and blogger on the topic of customer experience, Craig has years of experience, working with the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi, LV=, RBS & Direct Line, before setting up Consort as a specialist consultancy. Consort helps companies deliver commercial results by improving their customer and employee experience. Following the established principles of the Service/Profit chain Consort focus as much on making improvements to the employee experience as they do looking at the customer strategy. Working across all sectors in areas such as Digital, Omni-Channel, Big Data, Insights, Engagement, Operational Excellence and Communications, Consort can ensure your Customer Programme moves from a strategy into a successful implementation to ensure you achieve your desired results.

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