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Curating Personalised Employee Journeys

6 June 2024
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM GMT

Crafting positive employee journeys and attracting/retaining high performers go hand in hand.
Whether it’s a new job, a momentous life event like getting married or a promotion at work, the power of moments and the impact organisational communication can have on this is tremendous.

We are delighted to partner with Firstup, the World’s first intelligent communication platform, for an exclusive roundtable discussion with senior People leaders around the role of personalised employee journeys.

Just as marketers battle to get to the forefront of your screen, HR is battling for your screen time during the working day. When they do manage to grasp your attention, how do they ensure the message is relevant and shows up at the right time for optimum impact?

Retaining your best talent and attracting even more talent to your thriving company will forever be one of the most challenging parts of your organisation, so how can we stay ahead of the curve and deliver a customer-like employee experience?

This session will be hosted by Alexander Gorrie (General Manager, International at Firstup) and James Ballard (Co-Founder at Annapurna), and will likely follow the below agenda points:

  • What part of the employee experience has the potential for the most personalisation?
  • How do you increase your share of voice within your company?
  • Is there a perfect amount of retention?

The session will be held at the Haymarket Hotel, where refreshments will be provided.

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