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Competing for In-Demand Skills – Standing out in the Financial Services and Insurance market

Wed, 19/05/2021 - 16:00 to 17:30

The BTN is proud to partner with Cielo, for an exclusive virtual roundtable, on ‘Competing for In-Demand Skills – Standing out in the Financial Services and Insurance market’.

The growing demand for in-demand skills has never been stronger. The financial services and insurance industry has historically been full of traditional organisations but has had an array of publicity due to the ‘challengers’ within the market revolutionising how the consumer engages with the industry. Embracing technology can be the differentiator between the marginal gains from your competitors and falling behind the rest of the market. How has the industry as a whole adapted to ensure they are attracting the future leaders they need to shift with the times? What role is strategic workforce planning playing within your organisation to deliver a workforce strategy for the future?

Join fellow people leaders from the financial services and insurance sector for an open and interactive discussion, which will cover the following topics of conversation:

• How can the industry stand out from a crowded market to attract, hire, engage and retain talent?

• Does the industry need to embrace technology in a way that other industries already have?

• What does Strategic Workforce Planning look like for the Financial Services and Insurance market?

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