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Business Mindset 2030 with Sean Penistone (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this series around Business Mindset 2030 in partnership with Peoplesmart, Sean Penistone (Former Head of L&D and Talent at Colt Technology Services) discusses what his take is on how the business landscape will look in 2030.

The world of work is constantly shifting. Demographic change, globalisation and technology are changing our understanding of what work is and how it should be done. Businesses have to continually adapt to be able to meet the high demands of the future. Firms that are not able to adapt to this change will be at risk and therefore left behind.

According to Sean, with the number of changes going on, companies are now starting to offer more flexibility to their employees which helps with giving people choice. Corporate cultures in particular can be difficult to build when you don’t have that one office space where everyone is together. Not having that office space has proven to be extremely difficult for many organisations as it does not allow easy collaboration. Therefore, companies need to consider how they are going to use space to generate collaboration. Having communal space will help many companies talk about honesty and openness with their employees, allowing them to be open to asking questions and identifying what works better for them.

The conversation then moves on to what Sean believes the style of a leader needs to be going forward. Sean explains how the role of the leader will change as a result of more hybrid working and not having that human interaction. Managers need to be a lot more generous and deliberate with giving feedback and including their employees in conversations. The core role of the manager always stays the same, but there are going to be some nuance changes in the way that it is done and how managers step up to the plate and lead differently going forward.

To conclude, no one will manage the same way they managed pre covid, therefore organisations and leaders are going to have to change the way they manage to be able to stay ahead of the competition.

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