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Building Intelligent Communication at the Heart of the Employee Experience

We were recently delighted to partner with Firstup, the World’s first intelligent communication platform, for an exclusive VIP roundtable discussion with senior People leaders around curating an employee experience that is built around the focal point of effective communication.

The conversation was led by James Ballard (Co-founder at Annapurna), with expertise being brought to the group by Ariana von Anrep (Regional VP of Sales, EMEA at Firstup) and Lilly McEneaney (Enterprise Sales Director at Firstup).

The conversations from the event reflected a collective commitment to embracing intelligent communications and ensuring that the people aspect of your organisation is always at the heart of the employee experience. This was brought to light with the following takeaways:

Strategic Implementation of Intelligent Communication

The event highlighted the critical need for organisations to implement intelligent communication tools and technologies strategically. The opening question of ‘what does intelligent communication truly mean’ brought about an interesting debate. Balancing scale with personalisation emerged as a key challenge for all. The discussions underscored the importance of not only leveraging technology for communication but also understanding how to use it effectively to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.

Balancing Personalised Learning Journeys with Innovation

Communication is all about getting the right message to the right person at the right time. The delicate balance between hyper-personalised learning journeys and fostering innovation. Creating a culture of harmonisation was a recurring theme in the discussion which showcased the necessity of a structured approach.

The importance of building a culture of genuine listening and ensuring employees feel heard, rather than just collecting feedback is one that resonated with all attendees. Communication is a key element to any change. When certain employees have worked the same way for 30 years, then how do we navigate the transformation and make businesses fit for the future? This highlighted the human element that should never be overshadowed by technology.

Creating a Culture of Trust through Intelligent Communication

The discussions emphasised that intelligent communication is not solely about disseminating information but also building trust. Transparency and understanding the individual needs of employees are vital components. Trust is earned through active engagement, where employees see that their feedback leads to tangible actions. This trust forms the bedrock of a positive and inclusive work environment, ultimately impacting productivity and well-being.

We can’t understand what people want without asking them for information about them but we must have a level of trust built between employee and employer to persuade that information to be disclosed.

You may have the best wellness or benefits initiatives within your organisation but this becomes redundant without the right level of communication being directed to the right group of employees. The role of the leader is to understand what is in it from the employees’ point of view and direct the right messaging to those individuals. There is a real difference between listening and feeling listened to. As an organisation, we must make our employees feel like they are being heard.

About Firstup

Firstup is the world’s first intelligent communication platform. More than 40 percent of Fortune 100 companies use our platform to connect with their people, design and deliver personalised communications, and gain engagement insights throughout the employee journey. With Firstup, employers can view engagement data in real-time, by organisation, department, or employee. That helps leaders better understand their workforce, make informed decisions, and provide better experiences from hire to retire.

Companies like Amazon, Tesco, Ford, and Hilton use Firstup every day to improve outcomes for their employees. Learn more at

Want to find out more about “Connecting with Employees Like you Truly Know Them”? Firstup recently hosted a webinar with Josh Bersin and Erica Cary (Hilton), give it a watch:
Watch here

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