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Bold Leadership with Shwetal Randive – Part 1

As we continue this fascinating series around ‘Future Leadership’ in partnership with PeopleSmart SAS, we bring you Shwetal Randive (Global Sr. Director, L&D & employer Branding at Radisson Hotel Group) who looks at ‘Bold Leadership.

In this session, Shwetal discusses what it means to be a bold leader. For Shwetal a bold leader is someone who is able to stand up in front of a team and be able to say they don’t have a solution but are able to ask for help in understanding how to do things better. Having that openness, curiosity and that learning agility where you don’t have the answers to everything but are open to discovering true collaboration in your team is something that defines a bold leader.

It’s about being genuine about who you are as a person and not moulding into what society thinks is perfect or what a good leader means.

Shwetal then goes on to discuss how emotional intelligence plays into the role of bold leadership. According to Shwetal, it boils down to how self-aware are you. Self-awareness is crucial in shaping your own leadership style. It is not only about being empathic, but it is also about self-regulation and asking yourself as a leader whether you are able to regulate emotions and actions in different environments. It’s crucial to understand what the other perspective is and be able to create a healthy connection with others.

AI also plays a very important role in the decision-making process because leaders need to ask themselves whether they are able to make the most responsible choices, and even If they are not their own choices in certain situations, can you accept the outcomes that are there and how quickly can you adapt with that.

Therefore, all these aspects fall into emotional intelligence and are fundamental to leadership.

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