6 Oct

Your CV - Do female recruiters interpret it differently than male recruiters?

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Last week you read what male recruiters look at on your CV. In this post you will find out how female recruiters read your CV and what’s important to them. Edina Petersen volunteered to answer our questions during a short interview. She is specialised in HR recruitment and has been working for Annapurna for 1 year and 7 months.


1. What is the first thing you look at when you read a CV?

I look for relevant experience in their last role- is the new potential job a progress in their career and is it challenging for the candidate?


2. Is the layout of a CV important to you?

Yes and no…The layout says a lot about the personality as well- how organized and structured the person is: does he/she have an eye for detail etc, but it’s not too important.


3. Is the company, which the applicant previously worked for, important for you? (Size of the company etc.)

Medium sized companies often want candidates who come from a similar background. The same applies to Matrix organisations and start-ups. Some clients however don’t mind the size or industry the candidate has worked for at all, so it’s different for each client really.


4. Name 3 things, which make a CV stand out for you.

  • Continuous development/ no gaps
  • Good or relevant industry experience
  • Creative design of the CV (however, not exaggerated- posters or ratings and self-made graphics about the own personality or knowledge come across as very unprofessional in my opinion!!!)  


5. What’s the one piece of advice you give all your candidates?

If you want to find your dream job, stay true to yourself, know what you want, know your personality, your strengths and weaknesses and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. That applies to the whole application process from your CV, to interviews to signing the contract-that’s the only way you can find the perfect match.



Next week you can read the analysis of our 2 interviews and decide for yourself if you prefer to give your CV to a male or female recruitment consultant.


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