Annapurna Recruitment donates £500 to Habitat to build new homes in Chile

Annapurna Recruitment is proud to announce that we have donated £500 to the charity Habitat in order to fund the building of houses in Chile.  We have sponsored Reno Daigle, Head of Business Solutions at QBE European Operations, to travel to Chile and help construct the houses.  Reno explained to us his reasons behind selecting Chile.  He said children with disabilities there will often end up living in hospitals, away from their families, because the housing itself isn’t safe enough, or adequate enough for them to live at home. The Habitat programme in Chile is helping to build houses that allow children with disabilities to return home and live with their families, without worrying that they will become sicker as a result of a poor environment

Habitat is an organisation that’s been around since the 1970’s in America and since then, they have built more than 2 million homes worldwide.  Generally people that receive a house through the charity will get a mortgage that they can afford to pay, which would go into funding the building of new homes.

Reno is helping to build these houses as part of the “Orphans & Vulnerable Children” programme which concentrates on providing adequate housing for children that don’t have it (either because of disability, the loss of their parents, or other similar risk factors).

To sponsor Reno follow these links; , which includes some more information on the trip or, which goes direct to Habitat

We wish Reno the very best of luck and hope to update you on his progress in Chile!

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