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Activating Transformation Gene by Agnis Stibe

Our Inherent Wisdom of Change

Transformation gene is something we all have.

Our bodies and minds have been evolving through thousands of years. Over all this time, we have accumulated deep and insightful inner wisdom about what change means and how it happens. In our history, we have evidenced also many examples of profound and sustainable changes called transformations. All that knowledge is firmly encoded into our human nature, fundamentally in the core of our being. Just like human DNA carries all the essential information about the basic individual characteristics, everybody has an inherent understanding about change, shortly — transformation gene.

Introducing Transformation Gene

Our evolution has also brought us very many enjoyable new experiences related to the technological advancements over the last century. We have learned to create sophisticated products and spaces that surround us with more pleasure and enjoyment. This new world has proven that our exterior evolution has significantly surpassed our inner ability adapting to its fast progression.

It has created discomfort between the outside artificial happiness and the inside being that longs for unity and peace.

Yes, we oftentimes can be too distracted and overwhelmed by the everyday information overload. At the same time, it can serve us as a great reminder about our integral wisdom of change — the transformation gene.

So What?

As transformation gene is something that everybody has, we just need to first help everyone finding it, and then facilitate its activation. After that, every new personal identity has a strong innate driver of transformation. That leads to accelerated self-development and hyper-performance. To facilitate this process, we can blend innovative technology with this transformation wisdom to help people achieving their desired changes. That’s in a spectrum of leadership, organizations, cities, mobility, wellbeing, and so on.

Technology design serves as an amplifier.

Social sciences help making the user experience transformative.

Activating Transformation Gene

Any Impact?

This revelation provides a very refreshing perspective on how to transform lives and organizations. It helps finding and successfully removing the root causes of behavioral challenges that you might have had unresolved for far too long. First, it helps activating of your transformation gene. After that, your uplifted identity naturally begins igniting and mirroring countless transformations in yourself and others. You will evidence how your teams and organizations are moving up towards hyper-performance, thus overachieving all previous expectations and goals. You will see how your communities and societies are transforming towards higher states of wellbeing and prosperity. You will celebrate your city becoming an integral place for wellness and harmony. Ultimately, you will enjoy the deepest sensations of innate human flourishing at its fullest potential.

Doing Business?
Every corporate environment fundamentally relies on human performance.

Business results are determined by people making countless decisions. The quality of every decision depends on the capacity of individuals to accelerate their desired transformations.

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