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Achieving Speed and Quality Within Software Testing

Within a digitally competitive environment, IT systems and applications need to be as advanced, updated, and secure as possible. There is little room available for any delays. The main topic of discussion within the industry is the concern for organisations to balance quality and speed. 

Meeting time goals, while maintaining quality, and remaining economical is one of the determinants for remaining competitive within the development of software testing. For many organisations, this concern can be a challenge later on in the development process, especially if the unit codes are not tested in the initial phase. When contesting between quality and speed, Software Testing can protect IT systems from future defects and bugs. Carrying out Software Testing in the earlier stages has numerous time and economic benefits, which includes:

  • Proven test frameworks and methodologies that span development scenarios
  • Flexible, adaptable and cost-effective delivery models that utilise a blended approach to scale on-demand, resulting in cost savings through efficiencies and the use of offshore resources
  • A robust end-to-end knowledge management process covering all aspects from assessment to transferring knowledge

Both speed and quality are the top goals that software development teams aspire towards. Achieving high system speed is an advantageous tool that can be used against competitors while keeping your customer segment engaged. On the other hand, quality presents your users with the optimum experience with your application.

Speed as the Forefront

With the rise of Agile and DevOps methodologies, the processes have had a vast impact on software development within the last decade. By using an iterative approach, it can speed processes while augmenting the development team’s flexibility, thus increasing the feedback instances which factor in higher quality. 

In Agile development, companies can get results at a faster pace with exceptional quality. These methodologies are normally misinterpreted, leading to a heavier focus on speed. With speed as a priority, this entails: 

– A new product with limited direct competition

– A strategised product or new application feature in a static market

At Prolifics Testing, we have proven experts in Software Testing of IT Systems, Websites and Apps.

We provide an end-to-end service to mitigate against any risks: from measuring the response times shoppers will experience and determining the peak number of users your web shopfront can handle, to checking user experience on multiple devices and browsers and ensuring your sites meet web accessibility standards.

About Prolifics Testing

Prolifics Testing is a specialist IT consultancy with a total focus in software testing – automation, performance, consultancy and training. They deliver high quality, flexible software QA and testing services, outsourced testing on demand, supporting their clients with digital transformation, business as usual and specialist testing disciplines.

They are part of the Prolifics Group, a global IT service management company with ~1000 employees across the US, Canada, India, and Germany. Prolifics Testing are proud to be partnered with Micro FocusSauce Labs and Ranorex, among others.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits an on-demand testing service can bring to your organisation, please contact Prolifics Testing below for a no-commitment consultation, PoC, or tool demonstration.

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