Values & Environment

Values & Environment

We Care About Our World


Our Values:


We offer an unrivalled opportunity to be 'head of your own business'.  This means that you have complete ownership and accountability.

We are all about sustainable business in our relationships with each other, candidates, clients, the environment and how we feel a modern business should be run.  


Are you a role model who can support colleagues in a collaborative environment? If so we would like to hear from you! 

Core to our business, is a high standard of professionalism and the ability to build long lasting relationships.  This is central to everything that we do.


Arrogance has no place here.  We do the things that we find challenging and strive to keep going no matter what.  We ask ourselves challenging questions and accept feedback graciously.  

Most importantly we want all of our employees to be confident and believe in their own abilities. 


Are you dedicated? Do you have strong personal standards? 

We look for people that achieve outcomes and deliver on their promises.


We continually provide a high-quality service with all of our consultants proactively keeping up to date with industry trends.  If you are the kind of person that is innovative and constantly looks for new ways to add value and solve problems, then we would like to hear from you.  


The Environment

Annapurna Recruitment sets out to be something that other recruitment organisations are not.

We believe that all companies can have a much greater environmental impact and make a genuine positive impact on our planet. 

The decision to form Annapurna Recruitment has come from the realisation that all organisations have a responsibility to behave in a sustainable manner.

Annapurna was the only recruitment company in Europe that gave 1% of turnover annually to charity via our membership of the not for profit foundation One Percent for the Planet (, prior to setting up Annapurna Giving.

We opt to use only suppliers who are committed to reducing their energy usage, waste and increasing recycling.  We believe we are at the vanguard of a movement where all companies will make small steps towards the goal of reducing the strain on our natural resources.

Whether or not you subscribe to Anthropogenic Climate Change, it is a fact that one day in the not too distant future there won't be any fossil fuels left, so it's time to look at alternatives to energy and use of resources.

As a result, Annapurna consultants can occasionally work from home, our power comes from renewable energy sources ( via a range of independent suppliers around the UK and we have a neutral carbon footprint, using to carbon offset where necessary.

We ourselves have checked all or our own suppliers, to be sure they are in line with our own standards.

Every year we choose several charities to support with a donation based on a percentage of our turnover.

Since the inception of Annapurna Recruitment, we have donated in excess of £250,000 to a variety of charities as part of our on-going ethos to support charities that we feel strongly about. Alongside monetary donations, we continue to support the Annapurna Giving charities in other ways such as volunteering at the local soup kitchen, laptop donations and putting on events to promote the work they do & enhance their reputation.

Examples of Charities We have Donated to in the Last Year:


"On behalf of fresh2o I would like to thank you for your generous gift. Your commitment to helping to provide clean water is sincerely appreciated. 

The goal of fresh2o is to make a difference in the quality of fresh water around the world.  With the help of donations from supporters such as you, we will continue to see improvements in people's life.

Thanks again for your generous support."

Founder, Fresh2o

Rain Forest Concern

"On behalf of Rain Forest Concern, I would like to thank you for your generous donation which equivalates to adopting 53 acres of land in the Choco-Andean Rain Forest Corridor, northwest Equador."  

Fresh2o Friends of the Earth

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